Hardware companies move into the transformation and upgrading of non-long-term solution or way out

14 JUN 2018

Increase in cost, less profitable, making labor-intensive enterprises have tried every means to deal with, the author notes, Inland, transformation and upgrading, and turn the domestic hardware industry, the PRD response most frequently used methods, but combined with the reality, not Inland the long term, the transformation and upgrading or for a way out, and switch to the domestic hardware industry for the taste of different enterprises vary.
The move among themselves
"Foxconn" The move to allow more of the hardware business again transferred to the human eye, the land has advantages inland. Hardware comes as labor-intensive industries, while labor-intensive industry, starting in Europe, the time when the cost of support can not be transferred to South Korea, Japan, China coastal areas.
Expert analysis, with the rising costs, business support can not be when the next will continue to Bangladesh, Vietnam, China's inland areas, which Dan Zhuanyi may be developed after the business cycle Sihu increasingly short, they must be proactive to find other way out.
By the relocation of some labor-intensive enterprises, a little hardware companies started paying attention to cheaper labor markets abroad, but the end result is not satisfactory. "Although there's a lot cheaper wages, but labor productivity is very low, and very bad foundation construction, raw materials are not complete, consider these factors, a simple human resources will be cheaper You Shi Bei weakened." A hardware company official says .
The person in charge is also the author complained, in Bangladesh supporting the existing resources and logistics conditions, the product can not be produced quickly to meet customer needs. Compared with the outward migration, more companies have chosen Inland.
Some hardware companies have begun the migration of the pilot. Taking into account the greater proportion of the cost share of raw materials, they chose to place closer to raw materials. "We have this line, the problems faced in Guangdong may have to leave here to go to remote some places, otherwise it is difficult competition." Owned enterprises, said. However, inadequate facilities in the Mainland, but also to discourage many companies. Metal Plastic Co., manager of Ye Zhenbo Runfeng the authors said, "like us completely export enterprises, the possibility of migration of relatively small, as if moved in the western region, transport, purchase, package and so can not keep up, Once past the rush and the single will not be completed. "
Which enables companies to move into the important factors - cheap labor will be in just a few years may no longer exist. "It has become a nationwide pay up to trend." Yezhen Bo said, "our industry people say, do you want to move out as soon as he died; if the move went and late death, sooner or later is dead." Vanguard High-Tech (Dongguan) Limited factory long Lishao Xi said, "then move back to some businesses move into, because the cost is too high, parts supplies can not keep up, but after two years of wages inland areas rose . "" Dongguan, Guangdong and other coastal areas in Hong Kong 20 years ago, the way to go, but the mainland is now the way to go in Dongguan, with the social development, labor-intensive industries will also shorten the development cycle. "Lin Xiaoning said," we included Miss some of the investment will support the 5 years that's pretty good. "
Positive transformation and upgrading of enterprises
In the migration of the fundamental solution is not the case, many hardware companies have chosen to increase R & D investment, for restructuring and upgrading.
Runfeng Metal Plastic Co., Ltd. mainly produces household before the CD rack, stainless steel household trash and other traditional products. Under the pressure of survival, the company has begun development of new products. According to Ye Zhenbo introduction, the first half of the new company has developed about 15 kinds of products, the relatively large R & D investment, the future will continue to research and development of new products.
Pioneer Electronics Dongguan Co., Ltd. is already tasted the fruits of the transformation and upgrading. According to Li Shaoxi introduction, the main production company before the traditional DVD and CD-ROM, by the financial crisis, orders for substantially reduced, but since the end of 2009, began to seize the opportunity to shift production of high-definition Blu-ray DVD, since orders have been fully warmed up. "As high-definition Blu-ray DVD just the rise of the market space is relatively large, company more orders in this regard, the present order than the same period in 2008, an increase of 30%. And high-definition Blu-ray DVD unit, so that a value has doubled . "Lishao Xi said.
Switch to the different attitudes of domestic enterprises
The export sector was once considered a domestic export-oriented enterprises effective way to address the financial crisis, but more than a year after the company emerged on the choice of cognitive differentiation.
A company official told the author, from the end of 2008, the company's products began to turn some of the domestic, and now also a number of energy slowly into the domestic market, "China's market is amazing." Yezhen Bo also said that The company is planned to develop the domestic market. However, some hardware companies do not believe that the domestic export sector is a way out. In China, although the hardware companies are in extensive production stage, but the brand a lot, if 30% of the hardware for export enterprises to switch from the export of domestic sales of goods will be severe flooding. Now rushed to do business brand, turn domestic sales this as a "domestic movement" to do, such a result is very serious. 
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