In the hardware business going out five issues need to be resolved

14 JUN 2018

The fate of small and medium enterprises directly related to the overall situation of the national economy. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong, the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress to answer media questions at Press Center, said: "China's small and medium enterprises account for 99% of the total economic volume accounted for 60% of the profits and taxes paid accounted for 50% , in particular, it accounts for 80% of employment. "SMEs are the national technology innovation force, China is also promoting an important force for economic restructuring.
With China's accession to WTO, the national emphasis on "bringing in" and "going out" to better integrate the current Chinese hardware companies "going out" ushered in a rare period of strategic opportunity. However, in the hardware business in our international operations, it also exposed the face out to present a series of key issues need to be resolved.
First, financing difficulties
In the global financial crisis, the 2008 years, the hardware is more prominent corporate financing difficulties, a considerable part of the hardware companies face financial difficulties strand breaks, even in the cut-off, semi-shutdown state. In foreign trade and transnational business, the financing difficulties caused many in the hardware business shrink to a large extent hindered the development of enterprises, as a constraint in the hardware business to improve the level of international competitiveness as a major factor. In the hardware business because of lack of own funds, loans, and financing sources less difficult, resulting in weak market development, big business is difficult. Enterprises should take out, we should put a lot of market research Di costs, develop, Jianli sales channels, organize Guimo production, Yushirongzi will be in the hardware business out of Qu 最大 difficulties, and had considerably reduced the development of enterprises, as a constraint in the hardware business to improve the level of international competitiveness, a major factor. In the following two aspects:
First, the indirect financing issues.
Indirect financing, because of information asymmetry, commercial banks can not meet the urgent needs of many in the hardware business, demand frequent lending requirements. The face of widespread industry, trade domestic and foreign competition different, skill levels of the various types of hardware companies, commercial banks loans is difficult to make accurate pre-judgment, if the situation requires banks to each make a personal difference in the enterprises of judgments, then will increase transaction costs of banks, the liberalization of interest rates before the commercial banks lending rates will not rise by an additional loan to cover the cost of banks in the hardware business was a "reluctance to lend" was born.
Second, financial security issues.
Financing guarantee system is not perfect, although there are many security agencies, but only a few independently undertake a security risk, but the bank risks the security agencies to only 30%. Also the risk of security agencies to establish compensation and control mechanisms are not yet perfect, as security agencies receive government compensation, compensation funds are more limited. Most active domestic small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang Province and other parts of the country in the hardware business in general is also facing the same financial "bottleneck."
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